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A FileMaker Pro database was conceived as part of a sabbatical project in the spring of 2002. You can access data base reports below. Contact Joanna White if you would like a different report. The database includes Quintet Works, Publisher Information, Quintet CDs at CMU, CD Tracks, and Quintet Resourses.

The database has over 550 woodwind quintets. Information available is as complete as possible for each work and includes: composer, title, composition date, arranger, category, movement list (in progress), difficulty, score available, duration, instrumentation, time period, composer dates, nationality, added or subtracted instrument or voice, comments; checkboxes indicating if the work is standard, non-standard but recommended, storytelling, standard or recommended with added instrument, by a woman, or in the Powers WWQ repertoire. Publisher information includes: editor, collection name, publish date, if and where located at CMU, and publisher contact information. CD information in the database is extensive but only useful for those at or near CMU. Any of the fields above can be searched and reported. Many are already in the reports below.

In selecting quintets, I started with those in the Ensemble Library at Central Michigan University and then entered other quintets in the Powers Woodwind Quintet Repertoire. Many works were selected from quintet bibliographies, (see Resources page for these books,) catalogs, quintet group repertoire lists, and new CD recordings. Some works are not available in published form but are available on recording. Some will be out of print and are available in libraries. Some works add an instrument to the quintet and a few are listed which subtract an instrument. (Added instrument means an added person. I have tried also to indicate when a quintet member doubles, on piccolo for example, but doubling information is not given for every piece.)

Please contact me if you find an error, would like to add information, or would like a different view of the database. Thank you. --Joanna White

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